"RITZVIVA" Brand Device launched seperately in Global Market

RITZVIVA is global star brand owned by "RITZVIVA TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.", which supply high quality mobile devices and excellent luxury using experience, RITZVIVA team, relies on the rich experience in mobile communication industry, comes from multi-countries with more than 10years global business experience, with design concept from France. RITZVIVA focuses on enhancing user experience through innovative devices.

RITZVIVA core team set up the new mobile device brand - RITZVIVA in 2013 H2. Based on the research & development advantages and supply chain resources, with enthusiasm to build RITZVIVA as an well-knownd international brand in mobile device and mobile ecosystem. RITZVIVA announced the launch and availability of a stunning new range of mobile devices in worldwide, and always welcomes you to witness an exciting revolution with us - a innovative brand 'RITZVIVA' which large choice ( Luxury Experience, World's first, intelligent, green & energy-efficient technology)

RITZVIVA launched multiple IP67 devices in 2013, including Smart Phone, Watch Phone, Tablet

Coming soon, more attractive luxury expeirence devices in 2014, 2015, 2016 ......

RITZVIVA Design partner - ARTOP, TOP 1 in China

Artop, the leading company of entire industry chain and innovative design industry within China, which is also the national high-technology enterprise ,established in May 1999, headquarter located in Shenzhen, China, for over 10 years development and accumulation, Artop has been dedicated to industrial design and create more than hundred patents per year. Design, science and research, project, production and manufacturing, sales and promotion, brand and have more than 700 relative service employee, affiliation, stock-holding companies, branches and business partner, more than 14 entire industry chain design innovation service brand institutions.

High Quality Fashion Smart Phone, Watch Phone, tablet(esp. new technology device) will become more and more popular, the market share is increasing day by day.

RITZVIVA cooperated with China's largest industrial design company to create New Brand "RITZVIVA - World's first, intelligent, green & energy-efficient technology, we believe RITZVIVA will enrich your Luxury Experience !

Artop - Achieve the appreciation and entrustment of approximate 1000 international and domestic brand customers in various industries such as Panasonic, RITZVIVA, Motorola, GE, Philips, Huawei, ZTE, ChangHong, Gree, Lenovo, Hisense, TCL, Midea, Airmate, Joyoung, Supor, Whirlpool, Bentley, Audi, Boeing, Sharp, Salter, Sanyo, Lava, Chinese Academy of Sciences, National University of Defense Technology, Tsinghua University, LandWind, the success projects are more than 10000 units, achieved lots of national and international design awards.

RITZVIVA since global sucess with design concept from France

RITZVIVA, a new global star mobile communication brand, which has strategic target of Top15 in terms of global sales volume in 5 years .

Since 2013 H2, RITZVIVA brand was set up with it's core strategic product of digital terminals, it's committed to provide global users with integrated mobile internet solutions. RITZVIVA takes a lead in the communication equipment industry by using the perfected system of portfolio introduction and the capability in strategic integration. On the strategy, RITZVIVA provide different mobile products to match market demands in different areas with design concept from France.

In 2013, 2014, RITZVIVA was ranked as new star brand in the global market which has footprint worldwide.

Wherever we encounter it, the RITZVIVA brand will be a familiar sight in millions of households and buildings throughout the world with its instantly recognizable wordmark of the specific letters - RITZVIVA. Although the company has evolved and grown recent years, RITZVIVA's visual brand identity is rooted in the new 21th century.

RITZVIVA with global business development plan

Since 2013 H2, RITZVIVA as a new luxury experience brand bundle with "French design" concept, with a clear Global business development plan since first day, "RITZVIVA" Brand Devices, global sales operated by experienced multi-countries team and partners. The main idea from RITZVIVA is : RITZVIVA's global operation will lead RITZVIVA to build " New, Fresh, innovative Luxury Brand - RITZVIVA", we believe "RITZVIVA" Devices ( with new technologies, rich roadmap including smart phone, feature phone, watch phone, tablets, accessories, etc.) will increase the brand value and extend sucuss worldwide, comes with new brand "RITZVIVA".

RITZVIVA's Installed capacity : Smartphone platform: 800K/month. Tablet platform: 500K/month. And the Available capacity for Coopration is "500K/month".

RITZVIVA strictly follows A class standard from day one, examples of direct and 3rd party licenses: Qualcomm, Google, Full range of "QCT, QTL, QRD", MediaTek, Infineon...

RITZVIVA has professional production design and quality control teams, RITZVIVA created quality and environmental management systems based on the ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO27001, TL9000, OHSAS18001, and QC080000 standards as well.

RITZVIVA - start sailing in the global market

RITZVIVA - new series of mobile devices will get sucess in the global market, become more and more popular in worldwide in coming years ...

Stay in touch, wherever your business takes you. With the RITZVIVA Mobile Devices, you can always stay in touch with your world of contacts, whether business, family or friends.

"RITZVIVA" Brand - a new global star brand with design concept from France, start sailing in the global market ...